DCP Benelux

Because each type of dust has a different characteristic, dedusting is something to leave to specialists. Dust can be sticky or dry, but also explosive or harmful to health. Dust can also be valuable, which means there is a need for recovery. All factors that need to be examined by people with experience and knowledge of dedusting in order to determine the right dedusting system.

In all branches of industry dedusting is used, therefore the number of possibilities in the field of filter equipment and the filter medium used in it is very extensive. Only the combination of these two factors will give the desired result. Selecting the right configuration for your specific dust removal problem is something in which DCP’s specialists have proven themselves.

DCP does not limit itself to the supply of a dedusting filter, but also realizes complete turn-key dedusting projects. Together with you we look for sustainable solutions for your specific dust problem. Customization is always the standard.

TBK Spillage Control

Conveyor belt systems transport bulk material from a to b in a reliable, efficient and economical manner. Many conveyor belt installations cause a lot of unnecessary pollution.

The consequences: high clearance costs, loss of valuable raw materials, unplanned downtime, a dangerous work environment and environmental pollution. This makes such installations anything but efficient and financially advantageous.

TBK Spillage Control has the knowledge, practical experience, products and services to solve the causes of contamination in and around conveyor systems.

Together with us you will keep control of your operational costs and ensure a sustainable installation.


About the TBK Group

Since 1956, the TBK Group has been providing innovative solutions to companies in the mineral processing, mining, (pet) food, bulk handling and recycling industries. We offer customers worldwide total solutions to complex problems in conveying, handling and storage of bulk material.

The group consists of four business units:

Managing directors Wijnand van de Vendel and Bart Kelderman are at the helm of a formidable group of technical specialists, technicians and engineers. As a service organization, we are well aware that the strength of our company lies in our people. We keep our people at the peak of their technical competency with training and courses, while simultaneously offering them challenging work in a flat organization structure.

Satisfied employees make satisfied customers. We deliver innovative products and provide top service, as we have proved over the past 65 years, and as we want to prove to you again tomorrow!

How it is like to work with the TBK Group


Proven expertise

A powerful mix of knowledge, hard work and fun.


Top service

Service is in our DNA. This is what we deliver before, during and after installation.



We believe that personal contact is the key to success. Which is why you’ll always see familiar faces on the - work - floor.



But you’ve read enough fine words. We guarantee action: we won’t leave until your problem is solved.