Clean, safe and uninterrupted belt conveying

TBK Spillage Control has 65 years of experience in optimizing conveyor systems. We prevent mistracking, and minimize contamination and dust emissions around conveyors and transfer points.

Our solutions prevent unsafe working conditions, unplanned downtimes and the loss of valuable raw materials. In addition, we protect installations from damage and limit wear and tear. We ensure clean, safe and trouble-free belt conveying.


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Keep your conveyor belt clean and on the right track

The two biggest problems with conveyor belts are carry back and mistracking. They cause unnecessary material waste, damage, excessive wear, high clean-up costs, unplanned downtime and an unhealthy and unsafe working environment.

Speak to one of our experts, and once again experience a clean, safe and trouble-free belt conveyor.

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Prevent spillage and airborne dust around transfer points

Transfer points are an essential component for clean, safe and trouble-free conveyor belt transport. However, they are also a source of spillage, wear and airborne dust. With our Clean Transfer point Technology – products developed in-house – you are guaranteed low-spillage, low-dust and low-maintenance transfer points.

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Control dust nuisance near transfer points

When bulk material flow through a transfer point, the material stream brings air along with it. This airflow collects fine particles from the material stream, creating dust. The overpressure created during loading the belt blows this dust through every opening.

Controlling the airflow reduces the amount of dust, and gives the airborne dust time to settle before the material stream leave the transfer point.

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