Impact systems

ImpTek impact bars and impact beds are installed under the impact zone. They absorb the impact of the falling material. This minimizes damage and excessive wear to the belt and the structure.

ImpTek impact bars prevent the conveyor belt from sagging below the impact zone and provide low friction belt guidance. The combination of ImpTek and SealTek ensures perfect sealing at the transfer point.

Why ImpTek

perfecte eenheid

A perfect unit

ImpTek consists of three components: a special rubber compound that absorbs the resulting fall energy, a 10 mm thick top layer of super smooth UHMWPE for low-friction belt guidance, and a robust aluminium clamping profile to secure the impact bar to the substructure. These components are permanently bonded to one another under high pressure and high temperature.

Gecontroleerd afkoelproces

Controlled cooling process

After the diffusion process, the impact bars undergo controlled cooling under pressure. Thanks to this process, ImpTek impact bars remain virtually straight. And a straight impact bar is a lot easier to install.

Gecontroleerd afkoelproces

Easy to change

ImpTek’s robust impact beds consist of a centre section and two removable wing sections. These are adjustable between 20 and 40 degrees.

Thanks to their smart attachment system, the impact bars can be changed easily and quickly. Removing the sealing system and lifting the belt is not required.