Belt cleaning

Conveyor belt systems can cause a lot of – unnecessary – carry back. This leads to unsafe working situations, unplanned downtime and a waste of valuable raw materials. Accelerated wear and extra cleaning operations are also unwanted side-effects.

Starclean deals with carry back! Starclean belt scrapers reduce not only your costs, but also the impact on personnel and their environment. They also increase the uptime of your installation.

Why Starclean from Schulte Strathaus GmbH?

Suitable for any application

Our unique scraper system for conveyor belts and belt joints combines perfect belt cleaning with maximum safety. Thanks to its modular design, Starclean offers a solution for every application, regardless of material, belt width or belt speed. Starclean is operationally reliable, even in extremely contaminated conditions.

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Easy assembly and maintenance

Starclean is easy to install and easy to maintain. Irrespective of the available installation space, belt width, belt speed or bulk goods, Starclean always offers a solution.

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No more carry back

Starclean belt scrapers make short work of carry back around and under conveyor belt systems. Belt cleaning prevents wastage of expensive raw materials and saves on many other costs, such as downtime, extra cleaning and wear. Starclean also improves safety in the work environment.