Air blast devices

Bridging, ratholing and accrual against bunker and silo walls are familiar problems for any company that processes bulk goods. The consequences are extremely inconvenient: expensive delays in the production process, and potentially dangerous consequences when remedying these delays.

Shock-blower® air blast devices will deal with materials caking. With short, targeted bursts of air, bridges are broken and the material is reactivated so that is starts flowing again.

Why Shock-Blower air blast devices from Agrichema GmbH

max gebruik silocapaciteit

Maximum use of silo capacity

An air blast device releases bursts of highly compressed air or inert gas (max. 10 bar) in explosive blasts of a millisecond.

This energy breaks bridges and fluidizes the material, enabling it to flow again. This prevents ratholing in silos and removes deposits. Your existing silo capacity is thus fully (re)activated.

Prevent hollow spaces

Specially developed nozzles allow the air jets to be directed between the material and the wall. This prevents the formation of hollow spaces in the material.


Save on expensive compressed air

Shock-Blower® air blast devices with hot-dip galvanized pressure vessels and CrNi steel valve seats are extremely reliable and have a long service life.

Thanks to its unique valve technology, including the pneumatically controlled valve unit which closes in milliseconds, up to 50% compressed air/energy can be saved.