Assembly, inspections, measurements & maintenance

TBK Services supports the three business units; DCP Benelux, IFE Benelux and TBK Spillage Control. Being part of the TBK Group, TBK Services is VCA** certified.

We assemble and maintain on-site our equipment and our conveyor belt components. Our certified professionals carry out on-site audits and inspections.


TBK Services takes care of

What services do we offer you?

TBK Services maintenance


TBK Services assembles the equipment and components supplied by our three units. Our professionals are at home in many industry sectors, from mining to the fine food industry, and from bulk handling to recycling.


Inspections and audits

We carry out audits and inspect the performance of conveyor components, transfer points and dust filters. We analyze the causes of contamination and mistracking, and carry out system and dust emission measurements. We put forward concrete proposals for sustainable improvements.



Our engineers carry out preventive or corrective maintenance, based on findings from the inspection report. This includes cleaning, replacing parts and, if necessary, repairing, adjusting and fine-tuning. We record all activities in a maintenance report.