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Below you will find articles and news about our product solutions. Blogs about preventing mistracking, for example, or articles on protecting and sealing conveyor belts, about dust control systems or recycling, and so on. We like to share new developments and our latest insights with you.

Dust Control Partners implement dramatic dust reduction at Ardennes quarry

In the outskirts of the picturesque village of Rochefort situated in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, lies the impressive Carrière des Limites quarry. Every year the quarry processes one million tonnes of limestone sand and granulates, where crushing, grinding and screening generates unwanted dust. A unique open air location, where Dust Control Partners (DCP) implemented a completely new dust control installation. The result? Dust reduced by over 50 percent!

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TBK Spillage Control project for producer of fertilizer

Potassium and sulfate raw materials are transported from the ship unloading facility to the warehouses using conveyor belts. The transfer point from belt L1 to belt L2 was causing a lot of disruption due to spillage and dust.

TBK Group’s expertise in the field of both spillage and dust control was instrumental in obtaining the contract. A completely new transfer point, fitted with an expansion chamber and an integrated CARM-V integratable filter, was designed, assembled and put into operation.

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spillage control overslagbedrijf

TBK Spillage Control liberates a storage and transhipment company from spillage

For a long time, fugitive matter was a thorn in the side of a large coal and iron ore processing storage and transhipment company. It caused wear and tear, contamination and maintenance-intensive working procedures at the loading point. By implementing an ImpTek impact bed, impact bars, Spill-Ex sealing blocks and ProTek ceramic skirt liners, TBK Spillage Control managed to bring the problem under control.

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‘The TBK Group warehouse is my shop!’

Eight years ago, warehouse manager Jan ter Haar (59) set up the (then new) warehouse for the TBK Group in Renswoude. He familiarised himself with every single aspect of each product, imposed order and organised ‘his shop’ while at the same time witnessing the rapid, dynamic growth of the TBK Group. Now, he realises that the warehouse is creaking at the seams, and so he’s making preparations for the next phase.

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