TBK Spillage Control project for producer of fertilizer

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New potassium and sulfate belt transfer point for fertilizer manufacturer

Potassium and sulfate raw materials are transported from the ship unloading facility to the warehouses using conveyor belts. The transfer point from belt L1 to belt L2 was causing a lot of disruption due to spillage and dust. As a result, clean-up costs were high, there was loss of material and an unnecessary impact on people and the environment.

TBK Group’s expertise in the field of both spillage and dust control was instrumental in obtaining the contract. A completely new transfer point, fitted with an expansion chamber and an integrated CARM-V integratable filter, was designed, assembled and put into operation.

The transfer point is equipped with a FRIFLO impact station under the feed point, and is sealed using the SPILL-EX sealing system. By supporting the belt below the loading point and properly sealing the transfer point, material and dust can no longer escape into the environment. A STARCLEAN belt scraper with a quick-release system is fitted to the feeder belt drive pulley, and the inlet and outlet of the overflow are fitted with dust curtains. The CARM-V integratable filter has an extraction capacity of 2500 m3/h, and a filtration area of 24 m2.

The air displaced during loading can expand in the filter housing, where it is then cleaned via the filter and extracted to the outside air. By controlling the air flow and thereby lowering the air velocity at the transfer point, the generation of dust at the loading point is reduced. By reducing the air velocity and lengthening the loading point, the remaining dust that is generated has time to settle and be deposited on the material flow. This flow is then transported away from the transfer point without there being any clouds of dust present.