Managing dust emissions

Dust is inevitably created during conveying, processing and storage of bulk goods. The dust that is released is harmful to health, is environmentally damaging and causes pollution. Dust can also create a very real risk of explosion.

DCP Benelux is a specialist in managing dust emissions. With sustainable and customized industrial dedusting solutions, we reduce the impact that production processes have on people and the environment. We ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Dust Control Partners provides

What dust solutions do we offer?



Dedusting is applicable to all branches of industry. Because all production processes have their own specific requirements, every dust issue requires an individual approach. DCP Benelux analyses your dust issues.


We identify all the areas that require dust control, analyze the required extraction rates and flow distribution, and produce a duct resistance calculation. We can also collaborate with you to determine any ATEX requirements you may have. Based on all this information, we can then establish which type of dust filter, filter medium and fan is required.


Complete systems

DCP Benelux supplies filters, complete dedusting installations and central vacuum cleaning systems (CVC). These are specially designed and built for your specific requirements by our Czech partner, Cipres Filtr s.r.o. 

We are not limited to only supplying the appropriate dust filter. We are able to undertake the entire process, from engineering to commissioning.

The products that we offer


Dust filters

Our dust filters are compressed air-cleaned cloth filters. Their operation is simple. Dust-laden air is passed through the filter cloths. The dust collects on the outside of the filter cloth and the cleaned clean air leaves the filter through the exhaust duct.

complete ontstoffingsinstallatie

Dedusting systems

DCP does not only supply dust filters. We also build complete dedusting systems, including piping and all other components such as control valves, rotary valves and the like. We take care of the entire process from design to commissioning. Naturally, we also provide all necessary manuals and certificates in accordance with the applicable ATEX and CE directives.

complete ontstoffingsinstallatie
Centrale stofzuigsysteem in opbouw

Central vacuum cleaning systems

DCP designs, supplies and installs industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Each system is designed customer- and product-specific.

CVC installations suck up dust or material that is released during production processes or cleaning activities with a high underpressure. Large distances can be bridged with one system. The system can be switched on and operated simultaneously at different positions. Because the air velocity is high, both light dust and larger amounts of heavy material can be vacuumed and transported.

A CVC system consists of a blower, dust filter and piping including control valves, bends and vacuum components.