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Belt sealing

Loading points and transfer points of conveyor belt systems are a source of spillage and airborne dust. The disadvantages are obvious: increased wear, unplanned downtime, extra cleaning costs, loss of valuable materials and damage to health and the environment.

SealTek is the perfect way to seal conveyor belt transfer points. It prevents spillage and dust emissions at discharge points, and the loss of valuable materials. SealTek reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Why SealTek?

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Seamless sealing

SealTek is available in two versions. The seal on the rear wall (SealTek-R) connects seamlessly to the system along the sides (SealTek-S). The interlocking construction seals the discharge point perfectly, even under the most difficult conditions. This prevents wastage of valuable materials and ensures a clean working environment.

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Easy to adjust and replace

Together, the blocks form a continuous seal. They are simple to adjust quickly, and can be easily replaced individually. The system is low-maintenance, and block replacement is infrequent. The average service life is exceptionally long, and the amount of residual waste is low.

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Clamping brackets keep blocks in place

Stainless steel clamping brackets guide the sealing blocks and ensure that the blocks do not rotate or are being pushed away. Even when a block is almost completely worn out. Thanks to their serrated design, the sealing block can be adjusted downwards, but not pushed up.

How does SealTek work?

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