Skirt liners

ProTek skirt liners protect the side walls of a transfer point against wear. In addition to functioning as a wear liner, ProTek also acts as a primary seal.

In combination with Spill-Ex or SealTek, ProTek is mainly used in heavy duty conveyor belt systems where tons of highly abrasive material is transported. In, for example, in port terminals, in the mining and the steel industries.

Why ProTek



The main function of ProTek is to prevent wear and tear to the side walls at a transfer point. ProTek can withstand the most abrasive materials. ProTek also functions as the primary seal for the transfer point. The skirt liner absorbs the lateral material pressure, thereby protecting the belt seal.

A vulcanized unit

ProTek consists of three components: a 5mm thick mounting plate, interlocking ceramic tiles (thickness 25mm) and a 10mm rubber bed. These components are bonded together by hot vulcanization. On the underside, the seal has a 40o beveled rubber finish. This enables ProTek to protect against wear and tear and contributes to a perfect seal.

Resistant to impact

The wear plates are not only resistant to extreme wear and tear, but thanks to the interlocking ceramic tiles, they also provide protection against a certain level of impact. The combination of all these properties makes ProTek eminently suitable for an environment in which thousands of tons of abrasive bulk material are continuously transported on conveyor belts.