Central Vacuum Cleaning systems

A clean working environment is a safe working environment. Central Vacuum Cleaning systems, also known as CVC systems, make cleaning a lot easier and more ergonomic. Dragging around mobile hoovers is a thing of the past: now you simply plug the vacuum hose into the nearest vacuum point and vacuum away.

DCP designs, delivers and installs industrial vacuum cleaning systems. Each system is designed to be customer and product specific.

A CVC system consists of a pipeline system with various connection points, a vacuum pump and a product receiver with a dust filter.

Why DCP CVC installations?

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Simple and ergonomic

No more dragging mobile hoovers around. Just connect the vacuum hose to a connection point anywhere and start vacuuming.


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Bridges large distances

CVC installations use a powerful vacuum to suck up dust or material that is released during production processes or cleaning operations.

Large distances can be bridged using one system. The system can be switched on, and simultaneously, in different areas.

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CVC installaties

Tailored to your specific use

The design of a CVC installation depends on the type of dust, the duct length, the duct route and the number of extraction points that are to be switched on simultaneously.

Based on this data, we calculate the required air velocity, air volume and required vacuum, and specify the appropriate filter and the vacuum pump.