Solutions for material handling & recycling

IFE Benelux offers customized solutions for conveying, screening, separating and reusing bulk goods and waste streams. We work with both the bulk material processing industry and the recycling industry. Waste takes on a new dimension: from residual product to a source of sustainable energy and new raw materials and building materials.

IFE Benelux delivers

Which conveying and separation solutions do we offer?


Vibration technology

IFE Benelux has been the exclusive dealer for IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH since 1996. Vibration conveying technology is used for conveying and dosing bulk material. The custom-made machines are manufactured in various lengths and conveying speeds, and for bulk materials of different weights.


Screening technology

IFE manufactures special screens for the separation, classification and dewatering of materials. These machines are suitable for almost any application, from coarse, difficult to screen substances, to medium and fine substances. IFE stands for screening efficiency, a long service life and fewer maintenance interruptions.


Magnetic technology

IFE offers an extensive range of ferro and non-ferro magnetic systems. Practical experience has time and again demonstrated their high separation efficiency, from the smallest particle to coarse-grained materials. All machines (vibrating, screening and magnetic) are available in ATEX versions.


Recycling technology

The separation of waste is complex. The composition of waste flows is different every time. IFE designs and manufactured machines specially for the recycling industry which separate waste mechanically or magnetically. Valuable raw materials, energy and building materials are extracted from the waste streams.